The Best like a child

I see Preyerna reaching out to people of all kind.
She doesn’t care about their
• Ability
• Colour
• Wealth
• Health
• Caste
• Religion
• Qualifications
• Character
• Language
• Past/Present
• Talents
• Worth
• Traditions
• Moralvalues

Let us also reach people of all kind and spread the gospel.

Bible says,
The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.
Mathew 19:14

Preyerna with her big friend Pearl. Reach out and share the best.

What happens after age 1. Keep following to know the rest!!

The Lover of my voice 🤗

My dear readers, I love singing.  From the day I started going to church,I will be sitting near an akka who sings in the 🎤 I have a cousin and her mom who sing so beautifully. I sing in the school with my friends who have  beautiful voice. We sing in our family prayer where my sister used to tease my voice. I was in Choir every sunday in the church in Pondicherry. Though I was singing, my voice will not be heard out and I was not a great singer.My mom encouraged me to sing aloud and keep practicing. I prayed to God for a good voice.

God heard my prayer 🙇‍♀️ and I think He loved me singing for him❣.The Almighty God brought me into a family that has a Church ‘Noah’s Ark’. My singing journey continued here where I worship God. Pastor encouraged me saying when you worship from your heart, you will sing properly  and it will be lovable to God too.I found a change in my voice and my family is also astonished hearing my voice.

The best voice is the one which is loved by God

Preyerna’s role here is,she made me write songs and I sing it in my own music. It started when God created her in my womb.🤰

And Someone in my dream, gave me a Jebathota jeyageethangal songbook yesterday(27-09-2020), encouraging me to sing a lot for to glorify God in Heaven. God has confirmed this dream through many, so I have to seriously obey and praise Him all my days.

Timely lesson from Preyerna

When a child hesitate coming to his/her mom and enjoy being with others, the feeling of a mother is exactly the same feeling, God will have when His children don’t turn unto him.

If a mother is going to be searched just for the needs without love ,its the same with us when we search for God only for our needs.

Turn unto Christ, know Him,love Him. He loves you forever. Seek and you will find;Mathew 7:7

The Almighty God wishes to be with us at all times, are you with Him at all times..?? If you haven’t find yet, seek Him.

The Best colouring 🖍

We all urge to have a colourful life. Let me tell you the colours of life I learnt from  Preyerna’s activities. When I gave a pen to her, she didn’t know what to do with it but when I gave her the crayons,she started colouring with it and came to know that pen pencils are used for writing.

The Creator has the best colours. Use The best and you will know what to do with the rest. Let people see you and become awestruck seeing the best colours of The Creator in your life.

Trust in The Lord,He has wonderful colours. Don’t feel dull, you can get coloured by Him.

See the beautiful colours of the fishes, butterflies,peacocks and all the creations. None can colour our life in such a way. Waiting for a colourful life, get coloured by The Best.

Written with Care 🖋

As I was sharing my parenting journey in my blogs daily, I was thinking about the couples who are waiting to have kids. I thought they would feel sad reading mine.I like to share my four years of marriage life without a baby. Many hurt with their words, their actions and their looks. My husband is a person who doesn’t care about others’ backbiting. I was strengthened by God.

The one good thing which I do is taking bible class to kids. I feel them as my own children and pray for them. After a long wait, Preyerna was born. It is purely His marvelous loving kindness (Psalms 17:7). The day she was born, my heart said “God has given me at the right time“.

Dear couples, make this waiting time the best time of your life to receive the bests from The best.

Use this time to understand each other and fulfill the purpose God has for you. God who has the  control of everything, has the best to give you at the best time. Bearing a baby is purely His grace, so His grace alone is sufficient for You.

What an awesome feel !!💃

Yes, I wish to tell you the best feeling in my parenting journey. It is the moment when Preyerna leans on me. You may think,it is done by every child,but Preyerna does it very rarely. And at that moment, I will have a wow feeling and my whole heart jumps in happiness. I could feel her dependency,love and trust on me. I wish she does lean on me for a little longer time.

Lean on The best who is ready to take care of you lifelong and be happy

This made me remember John,who is the disciple of Jesus Christ. He is the one who leaned over Jesus and the bible says he is the disciple whom Jesus loved too. Yes, he should have loved him so much as he was near Jesus till the cross. John should have got the awesome feel leaning on Jesus Christ.

I am waiting for those rare moments of Preyerna leaning on me. Yes, Jesus is also waiting for his children to depend,love and trust him at all moments of life like the little child.

🐠Does fish make sound?📢

Are you thinking… ?
I had the same question on my mind yesterday as I was thinking about the unique sounds of all animals and birds while feeding my precious baby(this is how I call her). If it makes sound, can we hear?? Because when we are drowned in water,people outside the water can’t hear us.

Yes,scientists say fish makes sound by oscillating its swim bladder or by rubbing its bones. They used an instrument under water to capture its sound.

If an instrument can make one to hear the sound of the fish under water, don’t worry if you are drowned in a pool of problems. There is a God who can hear you wherever you are.

Wherever you might be, know The best companion who is with you and who can hear you at all times.

Still you have doubt whether God can hear you..? I can clear it. I make Preyerna sleep and will be doing my work somewhere outside the room or house. But my innerheart detects her crying sound once she wake up wherever I might be. Everyone will be shocked about my sensitivity to her sound. I would have missed once or twice as I am mere a human. But our Almighty God hears whomever call unto him at any time from anywhere. 

“Call on me when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory.”Psalms 50:159

Finetuned love (life after coming out of depression is going to be the best)

Love is a feeling that is from our heart. But certain situations in life affects the love within us. When I gave birth to Preyerna,  I went into a postpartum depression which I was not aware about. I was not able to love my daughter. I was not happy and my heart was full of fear and I was crying for no reason. I thank Almighty for Sophie aunty who came and prayed for me .

Peace filled my heart and I was strengthened by the love of Christ. Else there would hav been a great tragedy broken out for no reason.  I started to feel the love of my daughter and I started loving her more.

Finetuned my love by the true living words of Christ and came out of depression. After this is the start of the best part of my life.

Why do I love you so much “my daughter” , 
Why do I care for you a lot
Why do I nourish you
Why do I look at you always and admire
Why do I  pray a lot for u
Why do I worry a lot when you are sick
Why do I cook so special for you
Why do I hug you always and say “you are mine”
Why do I wish to see you expect me coming when I am not around you
Why am I not tensed whenever you wake me up
Why did my ears get so sensitive to your voice
Why am I so happy to see you grow
Why do I try to protect you always
Why do I want to provide you the best
Why am I able to know what you need by seeing you
Why am I so concerned about you
Why do I calm myself when you dont do or accept what I tell
Why do I discipline, counsel and teach you

These all characters of a mother is within Jesus Christ to whom we are a little prince/ princess always.

If a mother can do all these,why not my God. Missing your mother or haven’t seen her ,just look unto Christ .
As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you” . Isaiah 66:13

Get finetuned to become the best

Hii friends, hope you learned ABC of Preyerna.  Yes, her birth finetuned me in many areas of my life. She made me know I am capable of doing great things. My hidden talents are brought to light.

A small required change in our behaviour, understanding takes us to greater heights.

Take a small step to finetune yourself to see a wonderful change

Minds of young people are wrongly tuned which makes them to step into wrong decisions like murders and suicide.

Let us be ready to finetune ourselves and others with words of hope and good counsels. Situations in life are to finetune us but many are tuned by their negativity and ego. To move forward, to enrich yourself ,allow yourself to be tuned properly.

Keep following to know how thr presence of a toddler has finetuned my life.

Alphabets taught by Preyerna

Happy to write to the people who are eager to find the bests within you and with you. I think you are all shocked on reading my title. But it’s true and you can find below the alphabets she taught me.

A she made me a living Art for Christ
B she made me think Big
C she made me Cook different dishes
D she made me Dance crazily
E she made me rise up Early
F she made me Feel the grace of God
G she made me Grow in many ways
H she made me know Hanley (my husband)a lot
I she made me a great Inspirer
J she made me to be Joyful in little things
K she made me Know more about God
L she made me Love God more
M she made me More of Christ
N she made me know how God Nurtures all
O she made me change my Outlook
P she made me Pray at night
Q she made me write Quotes
R she made me Read books
S she made me sing new songs on my own
T she made me Think everything will become easy if we are ready to take first step
U she made me Understand the love of a Mother
V she made me take new Ventures
W she made me know my Weakness and Work on it
Y she made me feel Young
Z she made me Zealous

Children teach us a lot when we are ready to learn from them. Its not our duty to make them grow,we should grow along with them.

The growth of the seedling which we have planted,makes us happy. Be happy to see the growth of your child as well as yours.

Many have thoughts like they are working for the child,sometimes get irritated too. But the truth is children are the ones who finetune us.

Keep following to get finetuned and know the best .